Professional Domme, Switch and All Round Princess

Real Time Sessions

Are you looking for a bratty spoiled Princess to put you in your place and have you rightfully submit and hand all control over to Her? Well, youre in the right place.I'm a Manchester based, queer, alternative, hairy, tattooed, bratty pro-Domme.I'm primarily known for being the envy of submissive men everywhere, as I have the privilege of being the owned submissive of my Domme, Mistress Fae. Not only do I have the luxury of serving Her 24/7, I also get extra treats just for being a femsub, which is something that little loser boys like you could only dream of. This is where my dominant alter ego, Princess Peach was born. All my brattyness that my Mistress was training out of me has been redirected at laughing at you. I love teasing you with how you'd love to live my life, degrading you for how inferior and pathetic you are, and letting you spoil me like the Princess I am. I am a true believer in Female Supremacy which is why I submit to women and laugh at men. You truly are at the bottom of the hierarchy, and I'll be looking forward to reminding you of your place.

I offer real time sessions from Manchester Chambers in Ashton-under-Lyne.This is a well equipped dungeon, with multiple playrooms full of toys and furniture, meaning there’s no end of fun we can get up to together. It is also easily accessible with great public transport links and discreet parking for those travelling by car.

- humiliation
- degradation
- sadomasochism
- spanking instructions
- female supremacy
- tease and denial
- body hair worships
- boot worship
- cuckolding
- pet play
- Christian specific blasphemy roleplay
- objectification
- sissification/ feminisation
- bimbofication
- watersports
- ignore fetish
- findom
- bondage
- spitting
- gooning
Everyone has limits, and I am no exception to that rule. I will automatically refuse to session with anyone who claims they have no limits. However, it’s okay to not have figured all of your own limits out yet.LIMITS: (kinks I will not participate in)
- hardsports
- vomit
- race play
- transphoic and homophobic slurs
- non-Christian specific blasphemy
- intox/forced intox
- intimate bookings


Solo sessions are £150 per hour with £50 of that being required as a deposit to secure the booking.Duo sessions start at a base rate of £250 per hour with £50 of that being required a deposit to secure your booking. *Please enquire about rates for trio and quad bookings.

* I work closely and offer duo, trio and group sessions with a number of other talented Dommes.

How to Book

Booking a session with me is simple. All you need to do is fill out my application form. This form allows me to have all the information I need from you in one place, so please fill it out in detail (but please don’t be vulgar.) Remember, the more information I have about the type of session you want, the better I can tailor the session to your needs!Please be deposit ready when filling out this form so we can get your session booked in ASAP. This will ensure you get your desired date and time slot. Time wasters will not be tolerated.